The Video Flow management team is comprised of experts in Management, Research, the Broadcast Industry and Video over IP. Together they represent over 70 years of experience in the industry.



Ronit Kalujny CEO and co-founder

Ms. Ronit Kalujny brings more than 30 years of broad experience in operations of large corporations including production and cost reduction processes, development and management of long terms production agreements and management of information systems. Ms. Kalujny was an adjunct lecturer at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology on the subject of Operations Research. She holds degrees in Industrial Engineering, Chemistry and Education from Ben Gurion University. Prior to founding VideoFlow, she held the position of VP Operations at Scopus Video Networks.


Chezy Man COO and co-founder

Mr. Chezy Man brings 20 years of R&D expertise in of broadcast products.His expertise includes MPEG ASIC design, all Scopus receivers line design IRD and management, all broadcast product R&D management – Encoders, Multiplexers, Encryption, Statistical Multiplexing systems, Surveillance system (low delay). Prior to founding VideoFlow he held the position of VP R&D - Broadcast products at Scopus Video Networks. Chezy graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, US with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSCEE) and went on to complete his Masters (MSEE) from the Polytechnic University of New York.


Adi Rozenberg CTO and co-founder

Mr Adi Rozenberg brings more than 16 years of R&D development (HW and SW) in MPEG multiplexing, Dolby Encoding, Dense IRD, Video Over IP products and Video Gateways, Residential gateways and network processing IC. Adi has vast experience in managing multi-disciplinary development teams including HW, SW, System, QA and Algorithm. Prior to founding VideoFlow, Mr. Rozenberg held the position of AVP networking at Metalink Broad Band Networks Ltd. Adi holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the Israel Technion.

Eran Picture

Eran Shalev Vice President of Marketing

Mr Eran Shalev brings over 20 years of experience in marketing management, business development and product management in global broadcast and networking companies. Prior to joining VideoFlow, Eran held several marketing positions including VP of products at IPClock, VP Marketing at Comsys and PLM at 3Com.

Larry Leibson pic

Larry Leibson Vice President of Sales

Mr Larry Leibson brings over 30+ years experience in global sales and business development. Prior to joining VideoFlow Mr Leibson held several sales and business development positions including VP of sales and business development at Fibronics USA, Radlan, Brightcom, and Mplicity.

Shlomo Arbiv pic

Shlomo Arbiv CFO

Mr Shlomo Arbiv brings over 25 years of experience in high-tech startups and global companies including all aspects of accounting, auditing, financial management, IPO, and fund raising. Prior to joining VideoFlow, Shlomo held several financial positions including VP Finance at Scopus Video Networks.