Enable affordable high quality access to cloud-based live video services

More and more providers of video services are leveraging the cost and convenience advantages of the cloud. Examples of cloud-based video services include storage of live video for VoD, transcoding and post production. While cloud environments are well engineered to meet stringent SLAs (e.g., bit rate, storage volume, response time), access to the cloud is not. To ensure high QoS for their users, providers of cloud-based live video services typically enter into expensive service level agreements with their ISPs.


By boosting the reliability of IP networks, including the public Internet, DVP lets you leverage low-cost IP connections to deliver uninterrupted broadcast quality video to the services in the cloud. VideoFlow technology enables service providers to significantly reduce their last (and first) mile costs, without sacrificing video quality. Access from the contribution point (e.g., studio) to the cloud-based service can be done by a variety of methods, such as WiFi, DSL, VSAT or Ka band IP satellite.

Value Proposition:

  • Boost the reliability of any IP network, including the public Internet, to deliver professional live video
  • Support unmanaged access networks, such as cellular, WiFi, VSAT, Ka band IP satellite, and DSL
  • Reduce last mile costs by averting the need for costly QoS agreements
  • Grow revenues by making the service economical to larger markets