Deploy affordable backup links over IP to ensure service continuity for live broadcasts

Live broadcast must ensure uninterrupted service as there is no second chance to feel the excitement of a world record or a historic speech as it happens. High availability leased lines are not 100% reliable, and broadcasters cannot risk an ill-timed fiber cut during a live event. Ensuring service continuity while meeting budget constraints is possible by enabling cost-effective backup over IP for the primary link.



DVP enables broadcast companies to deploy reliable live video backup links over IP networks at a fraction of the cost of leased lines or satellite links. If the primary link fails, the backup connection takes over without any interruption to the service or change of quality. DVP lets you eliminate single points of failure by using even standard Internet connections for live backup.

Value Proposition:

  • No single point of failure by leveraging IP network as backup
  • Reliable transport enabling broadcast quality video
  • Substantial savings in operational costs (OPEX)
  • Excellent ROI