Grow your revenues with new content contribution markets at lowest operational costs

Growing your subscriber base by adding attractive content from different markets and geographies is crucial in competitive business climate. However, it may be difficult to develop these new markets due to the exorbitant cost of transporting high-quality live content from multiple contribution points around the globe. Thus, finding an affordable and reliable transport solution has become a prerequisite for business development.


VideoFlow’s DVP product enables the reliable transport of broadcast quality video over any IP network, by eliminating jitter and recovering lost packets in real time. To accelerate the development of content gathering networks, DVP can be implemented to form a multipoint-to-point configuration using low-cost IP connections. These include even standard Internet connections such as DSL and VSAT links.

Value Proposition:

  • Reduce operational costs by using standard Internet connections
  • Enable new revenue streams by facilitating the addition of new content channels
  • Simplify OA&M with embedded monitoring and statistics tools
  • Increase margins by lowering operational costs