Replace expensive Ku/C band MPEG satellite links with low cost IP links

Using broadcast satellites for distributing live video to a small number of receivers has become prohibitively expensive for broadcast companies. The annual 60Mbps transponder cost for a single satellite is approximately $1.5 million. Since international networks/channels may require 4-5 satellites for global coverage, legacy solutions for live content delivery are no longer economically viable.



DVP offers broadcasters an effective solution for lowering costs without compromising quality. An exceptional combination of technologies packed in a single product ensures uninterrupted, high quality, live video content over any IP network. By replacing expensive dedicated satellite links with an unmanaged Internet connection, companies can consistently achieve ROI in less than 12 months.

Value Proposition:

  • Super-fast ROI
  • Huge cost savings without compromising quality
  • Reliable live video over IP connections
  • Guaranteed service continuity