Deliver Uninterrupted, High-Quality Live Video over Any IP Network

News can break at any time and in any location. To be first on the scene, you need to be able to send out a small crew at short notice with minimal equipment. However, when it comes to ENG, it’s not enough to be fast. Your viewers expect higher video quality over time, and their experience needs to improve as the broadcast progresses – otherwise they’ll zap to another channel.

Connectivity is a challenge for outside broadcasting, due to the unknown, ad-hoc nature of the news business as well as budgetary constraints. Most ENG crews use multiple communication channels (e.g., cellular + VSAT) over IP networks to increase bandwidth capacity and allow for redundancy.


VideoFlow’s DVP can be used to ensure uninterrupted live video broadcasts even over unmanaged IP connections. OB crews can use any mix of link access technologies, such as cellular, WiFi, DSL, Ka band satellite and VSAT. Bit rate bonding and controlled adaptive rate (CAR) optimize the stream’s bit rate for the highest video quality and service continuity.

Using our DVP product, OB crews can deliver secure, high quality contribution from any site and any device, while significantly reducing transport costs.

Value Proposition:

  • Uninterrupted service
  • Highest video quality
  • Maximum viewer engagement
  • Simple OA&M accelerates production timelines