Reduce the cost of contribution, distribution and turnaround using reliable and affordable IP links

Traditionally offering satellite bandwidth for transporting video content, many teleports have begun to add IP transit services in order to reduce costs. Teleports perform content gathering from multiple sources, and then distribute that content to multiple points of distribution. Public IP networks like the Internet allow only unicast connections from each source to the hub. However, the distribution side requires multicast functionality, which is blocked by the public Internet. Consequently, teleports have to run multiple unicast sessions, linearly increasing bandwidth consumption and costs.


By deploying DVP in Fortress mode at the point of distribution, teleports can slash their operational costs by replacing expensive leased line and satellite links with low-cost IP connections. The stream is sent from the source only once, and DVP leverages the Internet backbone to distribute the content over a bi-directional IP link. With full support for point to multipoint distribution architectures, DVP acts as a transit gateway that reduces bandwidth costs while ensuring the highest levels of video quality and performance.

Value Proposition:

  • Increase operational margins by reducing the cost of delivery
  • Generate new revenue from traditionally low-ROI markets
  • Replace expensive legacy satellite links with affordable IP links
  • Ensure broadcast quality live video