azamTV Delivers High Quality Video over Unmanaged Networks.

To ensure service continuity and improve video quality over its microwave link between the island of Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania, azamTV deployed VideoFlow’s DVP, which eliminated jitter and recovered all lost packets.

“We tried the VideoFlow technology and it worked perfectly first time – and has been working perfectly since, giving very stable video over standard ISP connections.”

Mr. Sivajith Sadasivan - Manager of Broadcast Media at azamTV


    The Problem

    azamTV’s live video feed from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam uses microwave radio links to cross the strait between Zanzibar and Africa. Committed to a 24×7 service, azamTV uses two microwave links to ensure uninterrupted service. However, the 2Mbps video stream suffered from many errors over both the primary and backup radio links, which are susceptible to temperature changes and weather conditions. These errors degraded the video quality causing a steady stream of customer complaints to the network operation centre (NOC) whenever the problems occurred.

    The Solution

    VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection (DVP) technology ensures the continuity of high quality, 24/7, live video delivery over any network. VideoFlow’s software recovers all lost packets and eliminates packet jitter ensuring perfect video. azamTV leverages the VideoFlow’s Stream Duplication and Hitless Stream Redundancy features to maintain high video quality even in the case of link failure. The VideoFlow solution uses a pair of DVP10 units.

    The video feed from Zanzibar is duplicated by a DVP10 Protector unit that sends each feed through an allocated standard connection. Each connection passes through a microwave radio link to a DVP10 Sentinel unit in azamTV’s NOC in Dar es Salaam. The DVP Sentinel recovers all lost packets by switching between the two streams that it receives from both microwave links with no interruption to the video. The content is then sent to France where it is uplinked to a Eutelsat satellite providing azamTV’s forty-channel Direct to Home (DTH) service in Africa.

    The Results

    azamTV is no longer experiencing video quality issues since the VideoFlow DVP solution was installed in Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. VideoFlow DVP enables azamTV to provide its customers with the high level of video content quality 24/7.
    “The bandwidth fluctuations of the radio link were causing us major headaches with frequent loss of quality and picture breakdown,” explained Sivajith Sadasivan, Manager of Broadcast Media at azamTV. “This was just not acceptable as customers are paying for content. We tried the VideoFlow technology and it worked perfectly first time — and has been working perfectly since, giving very stable video over standard ISP connections.”
    “This works perfectly in practice,” explained Balaji L Nagalgave, IT Manager at azamTV. “If one link goes bad, it switches seamlessly to the other link with no interruption to the video. We are so please with the success of using VideoFlow DVP technology on this link that we are planning to use VideoFlow technology on all our other contribution links with other countries in Africa.”

    VideoFlow Comments

    Africa has a wide variety of legacy technologies and is also adding new ones creating a complex mixture of content delivery systems of variable quality. VideoFlow technology can ensure that whatever technology is used to transport the video stream, packets will not be lost and that the video stream remains at the high quality that broadcasters require. The azamTV project follows on from our successful installation at CANAL+ AFRIQUE. We are delighted to be helping companies rapidly develop the broadcast industry in Africa at an affordable cost. The flexibility of the VideoFlow solution means that it can be used to protect the video quality of streams sent over a variety of unmanaged and unreliable networks such as Internet, Ka band satellite, leased lines, etc.

    About azamTV

    azamTV is part of Azam Media Limited, one of the Bakhresa Group of companies ( Bakhresa Group is one of Tanzania’s leading Industrial Houses with a turnover of $600 million and over 5000 employees. Its business interests extend from food to transportation and from media to real estate.

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