Canal+ Afrique Uses VideoFlow DVP to Accelerate the Growth of New Content Contribution Markets in Africa.

By using VideoFlow’s DVP product to reliably transport high quality, live content at an affordable price, Canal+ AFRIQUE has drastically accelerated the development of TV/Radio contribution across African markets.

“Prior to employing VideoFlow’s solution, the method available for us to deliver live video and radio channels across Africa to Europe was complicated, inefficient, and came with a very high, monthly price tag. This was a significant barrier to our quickly, easily and affordably growing our contribution business in Africa.”

Mr. Orlando Goncalves - Technical Manager, at CANAL+ AFRIQUE


    The Problem

    Canal+ AFRIQUE, one of Europe’s most prominent content providers, is delivering live video and radio content from across Africa to Europe where it is added to Canal+ bouquet. The main obstacle in the way of continuing to developing the African market was the high monthly price tag for adding new national or private African channels to Canal+ bouquet.

    The Solution

    VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection (DVP) is used to rapidly, reliably and inexpensively ensure the transport of high quality, live content across standard Internet connections. VideoFlow’s DVP family of products guarantees the video quality being transported by making sure no packet is lost and jitter is eliminated in real time.

    Canal+ AFRIQUE had implemented a multipoint-to-point contribution network using standard Internet connections including DSL and VSAT links. They use two DVP100 at the NOC in high availability mode (online/standby) to ensure the continuation of service 24/7 and DVP10 at the content contribution points.

    The Results

    VideoFlow’s DVP ensures the video quality being transported 24/7 from any country in Africa to Canal+ NOC in Paris, France. VideoFlow solutions drastically accelerated the development of TV/Radio contribution from Africa by cutting operating costs when compared with Canal+ AFRIQUE’s former approach that forced it to use an expensive solution to provide the same high quality.

    Mr Orlando Goncalves, Canal+ AFRIQUE, Technical Manager, said, “We are committed to providing our customers the very best live video and radio experience. For us, it means high quality and low delay. Euplink, our system integrator, introduced the VideoFlow offering to us. It was a game changer! VideoFlow significantly cut our costs, simplified our operations and secured new business. In a very short period, we have expanded our Africa content contribution business by using simple Internet connections. We found VideoFlow’s solution to be very efficient, simple to manage and easy to use – literally ‘Plug and Play’. VideoFlow also cut hidden operational network maintenance and support costs by leveraging via their embedded monitoring and statistics tools.”

    VideoFlow Comments

    The process of adding new TV or radio channels can take a long time mainly because of the commitment required for delivering uninterrupted high quality video. Specifically, Africa has a complex mixture of content delivery systems of variable quality requiring careful design and management. After the first channel was deployed with VideoFlow DVP, it was very simple to form a cookie cutter solution that ensures uninterrupted high quality video or radio service everywhere — no matter what technology is used to transport the video stream. Since the beginning of 2014, Canal+ AFRIQUE is no longer using a CDN for delivering the content.

    About Canal+ AFRIQUE

    Canal+ AFRIQUE ( is a pay-tv operator in Africa. Present in more than 30 countries in Central and West Africa, Canal+ AFRIQUE is the operator of LES CHAINES Canal+ and CANALSAT, a package with more than 130 TV channels and radio stations including a wide variety of national or private African channels.

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