Teleitalia Slashes Monthly Operational Costs from €9000/Mb to €90/Mb with VideoFlow DVP.

Using VideoFlow’s DVP product, Teleitalia has achieved huge savings and ultra-fast ROI by replacing its expensive satellite links with unmanaged commercial grade Internet connections.

“The ROI of replacing the satellite distribution network with an IP distribution network was amazingly fast. In fact, the money we saved after 8 months enabled us to upgrade our studios to all digital equipment. We could not have done this without VideoFlow’s DVP technology that turned the IP network into an ultra-reliable one with no interruptions to the service.”

Mr. Andrea Bigi - CEO of Teleitalia


    The Problem

    Teleitalia (previously called Punto Sat), an Italian broadcaster, used satellite for its primary distribution network connecting Teleitalia’s main headend in Brescia to eight remote sites. Teleitalia wanted to replace the expensive ongoing costs of satellite links with a considerably less expensive option without compromising quality or reliability.

    The Solution

    Replace the satellite links with much lower costs connections over the Internet that are protected by VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection (DVP) technology to ensure high quality, ultra reliable, live video all the time. As a result, Teleitalia has slashed its bill from €9000/Mb per month to just €90/Mb per month using unmanaged commercial grade Internet connection.

    Teleitalia’s main headend in Brescia has a DVP100 Protector connected to eight regional headends. Each regional headend has a DVP10 Sentinel. This extremely flexible and scalable solution enables Teleitalia to add new locations very easily. Ericsson E5710 encoders and RX8200 decoders integrate with the VideoFlow DVP hardware to form a seamless solution.

    The Results

    “Our business relies on being able to deliver live content with no delays while providing the best quality viewing experience,” explained Mr Andrea Bigi, CEO of Teleitalia. Bundling VideoFlow’s DVP with Ericsson’s encoders and decoders provided an easy-to-install solution that we can replicate in future planned expansions.”

    “We are impressed with the level of the IP network availability achieved with VideoFlow’s DVP. We have provided our viewers with high quality, live video content 24/7 with no interruption to the video ever since we deployed the VideoFlow equipment in 2012.” said Mr Daniele Padovani, Teleitalia’s IT Manager.
    Simple networks lead to lower operational costs. “If there is an issue, I simply log on from my smartphone or tablet to sort it out much faster than using the satellite network. I am no longer dependent on someone else to tell me what is happening. The in-band management gives direct access to all remote sites. VideoFlow’s ETR290 stream analysers at both source and destinations provide exactly what is needed to determine if the issue is related to network problems or to transport stream problems. Bottom line, our customers receive higher quality of service simply because issues are resolved much faster,” added Mr. Padovani.

    VideoFlow Comments

    Distributing by satellite to small number of receivers is no longer making any economic sense as more and more broadcasters are realising that legacy solutions for live content delivery and their costs are no longer a must have. VideoFlow DVP product line is the right solution for lowering costs without compromising quality. We developed eight layers of protection to ensure uninterrupted, high quality, live video content delivery. And we cut costs by using the Internet, not costly dedicated connections, giving customers a rapid ROI.

    About Teleitalia

    Teleitalia (previously called Punto Sat) is an Italian broadcaster providing live TV programs 24/7 to over 600,000 viewers. Teleitalia specializes in live TV formats for gaming.

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