Teleradio Padre Pio

Teleradio Padre Pio Cuts Backup Link Costs by 90% Using VideoFlow’s Professional Live Video over IP Product.

This Italian religious broadcaster replaced its satellite backup with VideoFlow’s DVP product, enjoying high quality, live content over low-cost Internet connections with an ROI of only a few months.

Using VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection (DVP) technology to replace the expensive satellite backup solution with backup over the Internet saved Teleradio Padre Pio a substantial amount of money. The money saved enabled us to replace the encoders with new ones to increase the quality of experience of Teleradio Padre Pio viewers.

Mr. Nicola Palazzo - Managing Director at PSE


    The Problem

    The Italian religious broadcaster, Teleradio Padre Pio, creates content in its studios located in San Giovanni Rotondo in Southern Italy. The content is sent to the Telespazio dish farm in Avezzano, some 500 km to the west, via a dedicated fibre connection where it is sent onto a satellite for distribution across Europe. Teleradio Padre Pio wanted to reduce operating costs by replacing the expensive satellite backup link that it had been using for its fibre connection.

    The Solution

    The satellite backup has been replaced by VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection (DVP) that transports high quality, live content over standard Internet connections, i.e. there is no service level agreement (SLA). This uses a pair of VideoFlow DVP10s, a Protector in San Giovanni Rotondo and a Sentinel in Avezzano, linked by a 2MBps commercial grade Internet connection.

    The Results

    The real proof of reliability and quality came when the main fibre connection went down a couple of times for several hours and the VideoFlow connection took over without any break in transmission or change of quality. The annual connection costs are reduced to around a tenth of using a satellite connection. The one-off capital costs are low, providing a Return on Investment (ROI) of only a few months. Nicola Palazzo, Managing Director at PSE, an Italian system integrator, explained; “We maintain and service the uplink and distribution system for Teleradio Padre Pio and, as part of that contract, we are always looking for ways to improve and reduce costs. We tested and evaluated how effective and robust the VideoFlow’s solution was in a variety of real world conditions where the quality of the network connection can vary. It passed every test we put the VideoFlow solution through delivering robust, stable, high quality video during transit over the Internet. This gave us the confidence to recommend replacing the satellite-based backup with the VideoFlow over Internet solution.”
    Padre Mariano Di Vito, President of Teleradio Padre Pio, commented that the links were costing them a fortune and that Teleradio Padre Pio is constantly looking at optimizing the operational costs hence looking for a solution that will reduce the cost of video delivery without compromising the quality of the service.

    VideoFlow Comments

    Teleradio Padre Pio cannot afford interruption in broadcasting a mass to millions of followers hence the need for a backup contribution link. However, as a non-profit institute, Teleradio Padre Pio is constantly looking for ways to reduce operational costs. Using VideoFlow’s DVP enable unreliable IP networks to be used as a reliable transport for delivering broadcast quality video at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.

    About Teleradio Padre Pio

    Teleradio Padre Pio broadcasts religious content, such as coverage of celebrations, festivals, special events etc. to over two million followers in the EU.

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