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VideoFlow is driving the evolution of digital video contribution and distribution to IP networks.

Leveraging our Emmy® award-winning technologies, VideoFlow products and solutions enable professional broadcast companies including TV broadcasters, TV operators, teleports, and content providers to broadcast live with confidence over any IP network, including over the internet. 


Digital Video Gateway 

DVG is a multitool software platform that delivers reliable video, over any network, converting any standard


Global networks powered by VideoFlow

Bob Pectelidis - Engineering Director

“VideoFlow’s all-in-one solution for video delivery over IP has helped us optimize our operational efficiency while reducing our hardware footprint”

Wilson Yiu - CEO
"We evaluated several technologies and products and found DVG as a flexible, reliable, expandable, and mature technology"
Julie Cooper - COO

“Using VideoFlow’s products to distribute PCN programming to our cable headends over IP, we get the same high level of reliability we had with satellite, together with enhanced visibility and insight into network issues”

Sivajith Sadasivan - Broadcast Manager
“We tried the VideoFlow products and they worked perfectly first time – and has been working perfectly since, giving very stable video over unmanaged Internet connections”

Appliance (SW+HW)

Our "Plug and Play" appliances (DVX, DVL and DVA series) enables physical interface to existing video feeds via HDMI, SDI, ASI etc. 


Install the DVG SW on any available server on-premises or in a data center. The SW can be purchased on a permanent license basis (CAPEX) or on a subscription base as periodic renewing  license (OPEX)


The DVG can run directly in the cloud installed on any cloud-based virtual server. 

DVG Implementation options
Fixed costs

VF SW licenses are configured per actual input / output interfaces and not depending on actual data consumption, allowing a fixed budget plan with "no surprises" for the operator.

Commercial flexibility

Flexible commercial scenarios including CAPEX (Permanent licenses), OPEX (Renewing Licenses) and SaaS (System as a Service).

Modular implementation

Combination of VF Appliances (HW) and the DVG (SW) enables modular implementation options that can fit to any project.

Highest link performance 

The VF protocol can recover up to 86% packet loss rate, which is the highest in performance in the market.


VideoFlow's DVG is the only SW tool that support all industry standards (including: RTMP, SRT, RIST, Zixi and VF) and can convert between them

Low latency

The overall End to End latency over a VideoFlow link is as low as 500 ms (half of a second).

Our main Differentiators
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VideoFlow is leading the NextGen TV Migration in the US

The latest version of the digital TV system, ATSC 3.0, enables significant upgrades to over the air TV services. The standard establishes an IP-based technical framework for the broadcast of content to TVs and other internet connected devices. The implementation of ATSC 3.0 can include some challenges for which VideoFlow's DVG provides the best solution. 


ATSC 3.0 STLTP and SFN links requires precise IP packet distribution and has proven to be very intolerant of any disruption in packet flow between the gateway and the exciter.


VideoFlow analyzes the internal structure of the STLTP payloads and guarantees delivery exactly on time, with configurable deterministic path latency and a de-jittered output that ensures stability to the exciter. VideoFlow’s solution meets the increased reliability requirements for STLTP to avoid exciter re-syncs due to delay, jitter or loss in the transport network.

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