SRT, RIST, Zixi, RTMP, VF Gateway
SRT, RIST, Zixi, RTMP, VF Gateway
Evaluate our Digital Video Gateway - Receive, transmit and / or convert between SRT, RIST, Zixi, RTMP, HLS, MPEG Dash 

We invite you to try VideoFlow’s award winning software.

Our POC (Proof of Concept) package include everything you will need to evaluate a fully functioning system in a Point to Point link configuration:

1) Fill-in the below form and you'll be provided with license keys to activate the 2 DVGs included in the POC package (forming a Point to Point link).

2) Download the image file (SW) of the installation directly by pressing the below "Download SW" button.

3) Follow the step-by-step instructions in the below configuration guides to setup your desired link configuration.

Download SW

POC Request

Please allow 3 working days for our team to qualify your request. If you fail to receive our response, your'e invited to give us a shout via Chat or WhatsApp.

We recommend you to register to our Clients Portal in order to allow better collaboration with the POC support team. Please use this link in order to create your access credentials.