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VideoFlow relies on a strong global network of partners


VideoFlow enables its partners to provide their clients with the most reliable video distribution services over any IP network including the internet. 

  • Only our DVG can support ALL the video distribution standards including RTMP, SRT, RIST and ZIXI (as well as our own standard) which actually serves as a multi-tool / gateway / converter for any streaming purpose, no matter what standard is used by your clients etc. Our partners / clients usually refer to this tool as "The Swiss Army Knife for Video Distribution".
  • Only VideoFlow provides partners with real lifetime licenses (CAPEX) without dependency on actual data / rates consumption (no "surprises" with fixed unlimited usage licenses). As a partner, you can rely on those permanent licenses and sell it as your own product or service to your clients, enabling you to generate recurring revenues based on SaaS (System a a Service) packages that you design for your customers.
  • Only our appliances provide real  "plug and play" instant links including the ability to connect with any physical interface in the field such as HDMI, SDI or ASI. Moreover, our DVC appliance combines high end encoder / decoder enabling full "End to End" video links. Partners can either resell those appliances or rent them to their clients as part of tailored service plans etc.
  • No other video distribution brand or vendor provides the same flexibility and commercial conditions, enabling partners to establish an own tailored offering of professional video distribution products and services.

VideoFlow business models are designed for partners. Join us now and become a virtual broadcast distribution operator.

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